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Why You Need a Husband and Wife Photography Team

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Why you need a husband and wife wedding photography team

Before we get rolling with this post, I want to make a disclaimer real quickly! If you read the title of this post, it might sound a little arrogant or even a bit lofty. And I just want to say that we know, follow and love some absolutely amazing photographers who are NOT a husband and wife team. The wedding photographer that WE chose for our wedding day was not even a husband and wife team! Being a husband and wife team is not the only way to be a good photographer. It’s what we do, it’s how we work best, and it’s what we believe gives OUR brides the best experience with us possible. But I just wanted to be super clear that we get this is not the only way to do business as a photographer!

All that being said, today we want to fill you guys in on the benefits of having a husband and wife wedding photography team for YOUR engagement experience and wedding day! Here we go!

01. There are two of us!

Instead of having to book and pay a second shooter, you automatically have two photographers for your entire wedding day! Having two photographers allows you to receive many more photos than one photographer could provide, and it allows us to capture the same moment from totally different angles and perspective. Remember… it’s not physically possible for one photographer to capture you walking down the aisle AND the groom at the exact same moment in time, but with two photographers, this is completely possible. (Luke and I also both are shooting during engagement sessions, so you’ll even get extra photos during that part of your experience! Win-win!!)

02. Luke hangs out with the groom + groomsmen, and Caitlin spends time with the bride + bridesmaids.

While it’s totally possible for Caitlin to photograph the groom and groomsmen getting ready and during their portrait time, the guys have much more fun hanging out with another guy! They’re also much more comfortable with Luke, and the girls are more relaxed spending a lot of the day with Caitlin! We both have our systems for photographing the bridesmaids and groomsmen, both during the getting ready portion of the day and during portrait time, so this works out so well.

03. You can receive your wedding photography & videography from the same team!!

One of the BIGGEST concerns that stresses our brides out is finding a wedding photographer and videographer who will complement one another. We’ve heard story after story of situations where the wedding photographer and videographer would step on each other’s toes and get in one another’s way as they tried to BOTH document a wedding day to the best of their ability for their couples.

As a husband and wife team, we realized we are the perfect solution to this problem. We are thrilled to be able to simplify our couples’ planning experience by offering them ONE destination for both their wedding photography and their wedding videography… one unified team, with one vision, from one brand! Talk about an amazing experience for you!! 🙂

04. It saves time!

To save time on the wedding day, we can split up in order to divide and conquer! For example, Luke can capture groomsmen portraits while Caitlin photographs the details of the ceremony site, or Caitlin could shoot married portraits while Luke photographs the reception site details, if the timeline requires this or something causes your day to run behind. Also, at the beginning of the day, Luke can photograph the bridal details while Caitlin photographs the girls getting ready! This is so important in order to make the best use of our sometimes limited time on a wedding day. Plus, when we’re able to split up and capture two different things, you receive way more images as a result! 🙂

04. We get it.

We’ve been through a wedding very recently (06.18.2016!) and can relate completely to how our brides and grooms are feeling! We run wedding days exactly how we would want ours to go, and our perspective as a recent bride and groom help SO MUCH with this. We base every decision and reaction not only on our experience as photographers, but also our experience as an actual couple who has been through a real wedding. That perspective has changed our business COMPLETELY. (A few months ago, we blogged about the things we learned by getting married that helped us as photographers here and here! Be sure to check out those posts!)

We hope this gives you guys a little perspective into why we’re so passionate about running our business the way we do! Happy Friday, y’all!


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