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2019 WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award Winners!

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WOW! We received the sweetest email from WeddingWire yesterday saying that we had been named a 2019 Couple’s Choice Awards winner, and it just made our week, friends!! What a sweet honor to have received this award this year. My goodness gracious!

However, we aren’t sharing about this today to promote our name, to point to the year we had, or anything even REMOTELY self-absorbed like that. 😉 Hopefully any of you reading this know us far better than that, my goodness! Instead, we want to share today why this award actually means so much to us.

The fact is that this award literally comes only as a result from the reviews we receive throughout the year, and that’s both why we feel like we CAN share about this and why it means so much to us: THIS AWARD IS NOT ABOUT US! If it weren’t for the incredible couples who fill our years, and if it weren’t for those amazing couples taking time out of their life to share about their experience with us online, this wouldn’t even be a thing, y’all.

We look through the reviews we’ve received in the past year, and it makes us cry. I’m not even kidding you… it brings us to actual tears when we read what our couples have to say about their time with us. We pour SO much of ourselves and our hearts into this business of ours, and to hear that this meant something to the people we’re pouring into means the world to us. We certainly don’t NEED to hear it, by any means, but it fills us with so much joy when we do, and it fuels us to continue providing an incredible experience to our couples as the years go on.

That’s what this award means to us, friends. It’s never, ever about the recognition or the award itself for us… this always has been and always will be about the people for Luke and I. This is about getting to love on and serve the incredible couples God purposely sends our way. It’s about being known first and foremost for the way we care for our couples. This is about anything on this planet BUT us, and that won’t ever change.

Here’s to an incredible 2019 of serving our AMAZING couples who will be saying “I do” this year, and here’s to setting up for an equally amazing 2020 season to come. We’re so thankful today.

Xoxo, and thank you to our amazing couples who make what we do possible. We just adore you!!
Luke & Caitlin


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