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Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

March 12, 2019

Filed in: For Brides

 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Wedding timelines are one of THE most stressful parts of wedding planning. It was definitely something that stressed me out as a bride, & we’ve found it’s the biggest thing that stresses out our sweet brides as they plan their weddings, too!

While we can’t help every single bride plan their wedding timeline, here are a few tips for you brides as you create yours with your photographer!

MAKE TIME FOR WHAT MATTERS // If portraits of you & your fiancé are most important to you, MAKE TIME for them! This may mean you have to sacrifice in other areas, but it’s more than worth it- we promise.

GO FIRST // It’s tempting to go last for hair & makeup, but we always recommend going first so that if, worst case, things run late, you can still get in your dress & start portraits while your bridesmaids finish up their hair & makeup!

CHOOSE A FIRST LOOK // For most (not all!) wedding days, a first look provides the MOST time for portraits- and, they allow you to accomplish bridal party & family portraits! Plus, guests don’t have to wait between your ceremony & reception… win-win!

COMMUNICATE  // What good is an amazing timeline if you & your photographer are the only ones who know about it? 😉 Be sure all vendors are aware of your timeline. Likewise, tell bridal party & family members where to be, when!

ADD A BUFFER // Wedding time is SO different than regular time! What feels like 5 minutes on a wedding day actually takes more like 20. 😉 It’s better to have too much time than too little! i.e., it takes longer than you’d think for a bridal party to board a bus or limo, travel to a location, & exit the bus or limo… ha!!

GET CREATIVE // You’d be surprised how you can find ways to squeeze in what you’re wanting to accomplish! For example, if your photography coverage ends at 9:00 pm but your reception isn’t over until midnight, & you want sparkler exit photos, you can do one with your bridal party before your photographer leaves! 

TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER // Ultimately, your photographer should know how long each part of a wedding day takes! Trust that they are steering you the right direction, no matter if they suggest more or less time for your day!

We hope these tips were helpful for you! Do you want help creating a completely customized timeline for your wedding day? We’ve created 100+ wedding timelines for each of our sweet Caitlin & Luke Brides over the years, taking into account things like…

  • Travel time between venues & portrait locations
  • The sunset time & best lighting times for portraits
  • How long we know EACH element of a wedding day takes
  • Whether or not they want to do a first look
  • Ceremony length & start time
  • How they are dismissing their guests
  • Grand entrance time & ideal reception order of events
  • The amount of photography coverage time they booked us for

We would LOVE to help you become a Caitlin & Luke Bride and guide you through every single element of this, the most stressful part of wedding planning! Discover investment & booking info right HERE!

Caitlin & Luke

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