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2019 & 2020

We're best friends & college sweethearts who love our doodle pup Oliver, dinner dates, & remodeling our new home... & Caitlin is obsessed with Starbucks! We’re mostly known for our passion for people over photos, & our clients refer to us as their friends- not just vendors! We serve the world by providing brides with an experience far bigger than their wedding.
 We’re most passionate about our faith in Jesus, encouraging thriving marriages, & educating aspiring photographers nationwide! We believe photographs should look as real & joyful as each moment feltWelcome!

If you guys have been following us for any length of time, you know that I (Caitlin!) still cry at every wedding we shoot, even after photographing almost 100 weddings! Hashtag Enneagram type 2 over here, folks! 😉 I have so many favorite parts of wedding days, but hands down, one of my very favorite […]

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂 If you’ve been around here and following our journey for long, you know that although Luke and I have a career in the wedding industry, ultimately, we believe that marriage is far more beautiful than any wedding ever could be, and that’s the foundation we’ve built our business on over the […]

Let’s just get something straight right now, brides: Your wedding day is NOT going to be perfect, and that is completely okay. Can you just breathe in and out real fast with me, and let yourself realize that? And let yourself be okay with that? Good. This is one of my very favorite photos from […]

So you’re getting married, and everyone know’s it’s just a given: you have to have photos with your dog on your wedding day. I say all the time that if we had had Oliver when we got married, we TOTALLY would have been sure to make time for some cute photos with him on our wedding day! I mean, I would have been all for him […]

WOW! We received the sweetest email from WeddingWire yesterday saying that we had been named a 2019 Couple’s Choice Awards winner, and it just made our week, friends!! What a sweet honor to have received this award this year. My goodness gracious! However, we aren’t sharing about this today to promote our name, to point […]

Hey you newly engaged ladies!! We know the holidays are a HUGELY popular time to get engaged, so we’re popping in with a bit of helpful advice for you all today! Today, we want to share a few little tips with you ladies that we KNOW a lot of you will benefit from this time of year! It’s officially engagement season, and I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like every single day I check Facebook or Instagram and I see another friend got engaged! It’s the most FUN time of year….


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