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Why Scheduling Wedding Detail Time Matters


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October 4, 2017

How To Get Beautiful Wedding Detail Photos

When Luke and I do our final check over a timeline for a wedding day and our bride has decided to take our suggestion to dedicate specific time to capturing her detail photos, we immediately get SO excited. If there is one thing we typically are rushed to capture on a wedding day, it is definitely the details. That is always such a bummer! So, we recommend that our brides build at least 30 minutes of dedicated detail photo time into her wedding day timeline… and today we want to talk about why.

We think it is so important to dedicate time to photograph each little detail our brides have planned for their wedding day, from the reception decor to the bridal details. It’s so important to us that our brides have gorgeous images of the jewelry, shoes, and perfume they’ve put so much thought into selecting for their wedding day!

However, despite the fact that we recommend that our sweet brides make ENOUGH time for their wedding day details to be captured, detail time continues to be the first thing to go when time gets crunched leading up to a wedding day. So sad, right?! We would absolutely love for this aspect of the wedding day timeline to become a priority on wedding days. Yet, a lot of brides don’t realize how important this specific block of time is!

Because here’s the thing: Beautiful wedding detail photos do NOT happen by accident.

So… why should you schedule a specific time for your wedding day details to be captured on your wedding day?! Here are our top three reasons!

beautiful white wedding stationary

white lace wedding garter

1. You carefully chose your wedding details

Do you remember how long it took to decide what shoes and earrings you were wearing on your wedding day? (I went back and forth for weeks– let’s be real!) You chose your jewelry, stationery suite, and perfume with a lot of care, so it should be captured well. Often, our brides choose to wear jewelry that belonged to someone special in their life, such as a pair of earrings from their grandma or the same bracelet their mom wore on her wedding day. These meaningful details deserve to be commemorated with gorgeous imagery!

You will want to remember what you wore on this momentous day when you look back on your wedding day in the years to come! Wedding days are a blur of memories when it is all said and done, so any chance to capture “small things” with photos is something to take full advantage of.

white gold princess cut engagement ring

2. Detail shots make gorgeous album spreads

Oh, yes they do! Some of our favorite spreads in our own wedding album just include photos of our details. The way our invitation suite, my sparkly jewelry, my Kate Spade shoes and favorite perfume all tied together in our photos just makes my heart skip a beat. You will treasure these photos in your wedding album, and you will always remember what you chose for your day. Plus, it’s amazing to see how your wedding day style carries cohesively throughout your entire day!

tan wedding heels for bride

3. Detail time is not the same as bridal prep time

This is a very common (and understandable) misconception about detail time! While detail time typically does occur at the hotel or bridal suite where our brides are getting ready, these time blocks are not one and the same. We need separate time to photograph the bride, bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen getting ready for the wedding in order to give each our full attention! Setting aside about a half hour to JUST focus on photos of your details will provide much better, and MANY more, images of your wedding day details.

wedding invitation stationery paper

long lasting perfume for wedding day

Did we convince you yet?! ???? Those beautiful images you see of Kate Spade heels and cascading diamond earrings don’t happen by accident! These images take time to put together… but it is SO worth it! So ladies, PLEASE don’t cut detail time out of your wedding day just to save a few minutes! We NEED this time to be able to give you the best possible detail photos. 🙂

wedding garter sets

beautiful white lace wedding dress without sleeves

Did you decide to schedule your detail time on your wedding day? We’d love to hear how your images turned out in the comments below! ????

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